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Sensonics International provides the medical, scientific and industrial communities with the best smell and taste testing products for assessing chemosensory function. The Smell Identification Test™ is the most widely used quantitative olfactory test in the world.


Sensonics Smell Products

Waterless Empirical Taste Test (WETT)

An easy and inexpensive method for quantitatively evaluating taste function for up to 25 individuals.

Self-Administered Waterless Empirical Taste Test

Featuring all of the same components of the WETT® Taste Test, with 53-stimuli.

Try testing your taste buds with this taste test in the mail with the WETT-SA27.

Brief Self-Administered Waterless Empirical Taste Test™

Featuring all of the same components of the WETT® Taste Test, with 27-stimuli.

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Our products only test the senses of taste and smell. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.