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Research within the Otorhinolaryngology field has been on the rise over the last several years. Sensonics’ products have been used all around the world in various research studies looking at neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia. Additionally, our tests are used in research areas including Cancer, alcoholism and drug abuse, bipolar disorder, head trauma, pregnancy, rhinoplasty procedures, tongue disorders, etc. For a full list of publications please click here.

The Smell Identification Test™​ (UPSIT®), is our most widely employed comprehensive smell test. The Smell Identification Test has been in practice for over 35 years and has been administered to over 1 million people worldwide in over 32 different languages. Recently, Sensonics introduced a new version of the SIT, The Revised Smell Identification Test, (R-SIT) as the odors are more familiar in today’s demographics. Each test showcases 40 scratch-and-sniff stickers. Patented microencapsulated technology allows each scent to be released only when scratched. 10 minutes are needed to complete the test.

Also popular among researchers is the Brief Smell Identification Test (B-SIT®) and the Modified Brief Smell Identification Test (BSIT-MODE). Both tests are a shorter version of The Smell Identification Test (UPSIT®). Each version of the B-SIT® employees 12 scratch and sniff stickers using microencapsulated technology. Each sticker on the BSIT-MODE is accompanied by rating scales which allows the patient to rank the odor based on its pleasantness, strength and familiarity. This is ideal for research studies in which suprathreshold scaling information is of value. Approximately, five minutes are needed to complete the test.

Our taste testing equipment is also best-selling among researchers. The Model SI-03 Electrogustometer evaluates thresholds and suprathreshold relevant to a patient’s taste buds without the mess of chemical solutions. Each Electrogustometer comes with 4 reusable dual probe electrodes. Electrodes should be cleaned before, in between each patient, and after use. The Electrogustometer Electrode Sanitizer uses a dry heat sterilization method that requires no routine cleaning, unlike wet heat methods. The sanitizer works without pressure, steam, or chemicals.

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Our products only test the sense of taste and smell. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.