Brief Smell Identification Test® (B-SIT®) Version: A


Version A, which is available in 10 languages. Odors vary based on language selection.

Minimum Order = 10 tests
(10 x $18.95 = $189.50)


A rapid and effective 5-minute screening test, this 12-item version of the Smell Identification Test™ is useful for detecting smell loss in situations where less than 5 minutes of time is available. The odors are well known in most cultures.

Version A employs the following test items: clove, leather, lemon, lilac, menthol, natural gas, pineapple, smoke, soap, strawberry, cherry, and rose. See Taber et a. (2005) Ann Neurol 58(1): 155-160.  Available in 13 languages.

Percentile norms, based upon 4,000 subjects, are available within the B-SIT® Administration Manual.

If this is the first-time ordering, we recommend purchasing the B-SIT®Administration Manual, (includes scoring key).

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