Brief Smell Identification Test™ (B-SIT®)


The Brief Smell Identification Test (B-SIT) is a rapid and effective 5-minute screening test.



This 12-item version of the Smell Identification Test®, also known as the Cross-Cultural Smell Identification Test, is useful for quantifying smell loss in situations where less than five minutes of time are available. Valuable in population surveys and general workplace studies. The odors are well known in most cultures. This test employs the following odorants: rubber tire, chocolate, cinnamon, gasoline, lemon, onion, paint thinner, pineapple, rose, soap, smoke, and baby powder.  Percentile norms, based upon thousands of subjects, are available within the B-SIT® Administration Manual.

If this is the first-time ordering, We Recommend purchasing the B-SIT™ Administration Manual, (includes scoring key)

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