Bad smells may be leading to some of the reported symptoms in East Palestine: Experts

Psychosomatic effects may be contributing to the symptoms of headaches, fatigue, or respiratory issues being reported by some residents of East Palestine, Ohio, following a hazardous chemical spill last month, experts say.

But “psychosomatic” does not mean that the symptoms are made up, according to experts. There is a body of evidence that suggests that smelling chemicals believed to be dangerous can induce feelings of stress and fear, which may lead to physical symptoms.

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Sensonics International Achieves ISO 13485 Certification

Haddon Heights, NJ –  October 15, 2021, Sensonics International, an industry leader in quality quantitative tests of Taste and Smell is pleased to announce that it has earned ISO 13485 certification. The comprehensive system audits covered every aspect of operations.

“Any company that has been through the certification process knows that achieving ISO 13485 certification is demanding,” said Dr. Richard Doty, President of Sensonics International. “Each individual in our operations must be wholly dedicated to the pursuit of quality. By scrutinizing our enterprise at every level, we assure that our customers are receiving superior customer service and the highest quality products.”

ISO 13485 is a quality management system standard that was developed by the International Organization for Standardization, which is an association of governmental and nongovernmental organizations from many countries. The ISO 13485 standard is utilized to certify quality management systems that focus on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and the active involvement of both management and employees in a process-based approach.

“Fulfilling the strict requirements of the ISO 13485 standard highlights our focus and commitment to deliver total customer satisfaction,” Dr. Richard Doty said.

GM Instruments, Ltd. Announces Partnership Agreement with Sensonics International

Partnership advances the vision of GM Instruments, Ltd. as a market leader with end-to-end solutions and innovation of nasal products

IRVINE, SCOTLAND, June 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — GM Instruments Ltd, the leading manufacturer of nasal airflow and other nasal function medical devices, and Sensonics International, the world’s largest manufacturer of quantitative smell and taste tests, have announced a partnership that will define the future of quantitative assessment of nasal and oral function. Their partnership, the first of its kind, brings together sensory and engineering expertise critical for accurately evaluating and treating nasal and oral diseases, as well as establishing the influences of pharmacologic interventions on the function of the nose and mouth.

This union results in the promotion, co-distribution, and co-development of equipment critical for nasal and oral measurement. The applications of such devices are endless. One application relates to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition experienced by 1 out of every 15 adult Americans. Accurate functional measures are sorely needed to assess the effects of CPAP and other treatments for OSA on nasal function, including smell dysfunction. Olfactory tests predict declines in cognitive function induced by sleep deprivation. Another application relates to assessing the efficacy and side-effects of intranasally administered drugs. Such administration has the advantage of bypassing the first-pass metabolism and gastrointestinal absorption of orally administered pills. However, nasal delivery is impacted by airway patency and has the potential for causing alterations in nasal engorgement, local toxicity, and altered smell function, making airflow and smell measurement critical in clinical trials to help address FDA concerns.

“With this strong collaboration and the addition of Sensonics International’s smell and taste test products to our product portfolio, we have the opportunity to extend our market by creating an end-to-end solution in testing for nasal function and olfactory/gustatory dysfunction across many specialties. We are changing the standard of care to improve patient outcomes and manage their health with better testing and assessments,” said Dr. Karen Parker Davidson, RN, Vice President of Sales, North America. “Also, the addition of olfactory products positions GM Instruments, Ltd. and Sensonics International as market leaders in nasal drug and vaccine clinical trials by adding the rhinometric nasal airway resistance measurements to olfactory testing requirements stated in the current guidelines of the FDA. Nasal airway resistance can have an impact on the bioavailability and delivery of nasal pharmaceuticals and vaccines.”

GM Instruments, Ltd.
Based in the United Kingdom, with sales in North America and global distribution partners, the company was founded in 1992 by Eric Greig and has been at the forefront of the development of new and innovative products for nasal measurement, audiometry, and respiratory flow markets.

Sensonics International
Sensonics International, founded in 1982 by Dr. Richard L. Doty of the University of Pennsylvania, is the world’s purveyor of the finest quality smell and taste products. Sensonics’ Smell Identification Test (UPSIT®), the most widely used olfactory test in the world, was developed by funding from the National Institutes of Health and has been translated into 35 languages.

For additional information, please call the US contact at 301-357-3734 or visit the GM Instruments website at

The covid-19 symptoms to watch out for

“Symptoms of covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, can range from mild to severe. The most common include
fever, a dry cough or shortness of breath, but there are other indications you could need to be tested or have a
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