Snap & Sniff ® Olfactory Test System

  • Snap & Sniff® Threshold Test / Wand Carrier/ Carrying Case

    Snap & Sniff® Threshold Test /  Wand Carrier/ Carrying Case

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    The Snap & Sniff threshold test kit® is comprised of 20 smell "wands". Five contain no odor, whereas the others contain half-log dilutions ranging from 10-2 (strongest) to 10-9 (weakest) concentrations. When the operator's thumb pushes forward on a slide mechanism, the odorized tip is exposed for sampling and presented to the subject. Releasing the slide retracts the odorized tip back in the wand's housing. Because the odorant is presented briefly, the odor is retained for much longer periods and can be used for testing many more subjects than devices lacking such sophisticated technology. Although a simple ascending methods of limits threshold like that employed by others can be obtained using the Snap & Sniff threshold kit®, we recommend a single staircase forced-choice paradigm. This optimizes the numbers of trials presented in the perithreshold region per unit time.

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  • Snap & Sniff® Wand Recharge Program

     Snap & Sniff® Wand Recharge Program

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    • A complete mail-in service for recharging your Snap & Sniff® Odor Wands. (Includes secure shipping case)

    • Simply package your empty wands into the provided shipping case and attach the return label and we will send your recharged wands in 24 hours.

    Introductory Price: $600.00

Product Of The Month

Snap & Sniff® Threshold Test

  • Rapid and reliable determination of threshold values.
  • Inexpensive recharging.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Phenyl ethanol log10 dilution steps standard.
  • Custom dilution steps and odors available.
  • No requirement of blindfolding.
  • Patent Pending.

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